How It Works

Conductrics looks at your site or app as a kind of puzzle to solve, made up of two important pieces. 

  1. Goals – are the places or activities in your app that have value to your organization. Each goal has a value that you specify, which Conductrics is rewarded with when goals occur.
  2. Decisions – anything that you think may improve the user experience, so that you  drive users toward the goals.


Takes Action

What actions you want Conductrics to try are up to you. You might ask Conductrics to make decisions about which of several banners or hero images to display on a particular web page. Or you might have Conductrics test different search algorithms or UI workflows to see which leads to the most goals. If you are using the Targeting module, these decisions will be informed by the type of user.

Receives Rewards

If the user later completes one of the site’s goals, such as a checkout, Conductrics is rewarded with the real-world value of the goal. In this case, that’s the dollar amount of the user’s purchase. After receiving the reward call, Conductrics goes back and updates its predictions about how well that action will perform for future users.

Continually Adjusts its Beliefs

Conductrics will learn the best combination to show to each type of visitor to the site or application.  A powerful feature, is that Conductrics can adapt in real-time to select better performing option automatically, both reducing both the time to learn as well as freeing up you analysts to work on other tasks.

Decision Attribution

For advance uses, Conductrics is able to link different optimization efforts over multiple touch points within, and even across, applications. Using machine learning methods, Conductrics intelligently learns not just the local impact of each decision, but also how it will effect the optimization effort globally.


Conductrics will automatically learn, and adapt your online offerings based off your current goals. Machine learning


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