Conductrics platform lets you turn any of your online customer facing applications into personalized, self optimizing user experience. In fact, with Conductrics, you make even URLs self optimizing.

Real-Time Decision Engine:

Conductrics foundation is its real-time decision engine.¬† Conductrics ‘sees’ how users are responding to your optimization efforts and will serve up the experiences with the highest scores on your success measures. Using Conductrics you will:

  • Maximize the value of your site or application
  • Minimize the time it takes to learn best decisions.

The Platform

The Conductrics platform consists of :

  1. The Decision Engine
  2. Management Console for building and maintaining  your optimization efforts
  3. Reporting tools, to assess your optimization effectiveness and glean insites on who your most responsive users are
  4. Developer tools for integrating Conductrics into any type of online application


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