Why Upgrade to Conductrics

“When we say we need this new thing that’s going to make our lives easier, within a couple of days, Conductrics has already built it. That’s the kind of TLC that we wouldn’t get from anybody else.” – Eurostar

Go Beyond AB Testing

Conductrics offers a full suite of AB Testing and Optimization tools in one platform.  Go beyond AB and Multivariate testing with Conductrics optimization toolkit which includes multi-armed bandits, predictive and rule-based user targeting, and multi-touch optimization.

Dedicated and On-Premise

Dedicated server(s), give you the flexibility and control not found in other AB Testing tools:

  • Single tenant for greater security and control – keep your company’s experiments, and client data physically separate from other clients.
  • Place your Conductrics server in the countries and regions that optimize for both your experimentation use cases as well as local regulatory policies such as GDPR.
  • Pick your cloud. Conductrics server(s) can run on most of the major Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean etc.)

For enterprises that need all software to be within their firewall, we offer a containerized, on-premise solution.

API and WYSIWYG  Implementations

Conductrics was built for use across multiple industries for many use cases. This flexibility is based on our multi-faceted implementation options- Conductrics Express, Conductrics API, and Conductrics Edge.

  • Conductrics Express: Point-and-click tools for setting up changes visually without coding.
  • Conductrics API: Full-featured server and client side APIs to give you and your team the full power of experimentation.
  • Conductrics Edge: Run experimentation logic in the CDN’s edge servers for fast and clean implementations.

Have questions? Interested in a pilot, or just want to talk shop?