Video Tutorial: Getting Started with Conductrics Web Actions

Conductrics is all about enhancing your website or other app by showing the best content variations for each visitor. There are basically two ways to use the service:

  • As a developer, using our API and wrappers
  • Conductrics Web Actions, which is our way to use the system without coding.

This video tutorial  focuses on the second option.

You’ll see how Web Actions makes it easy to:

  • Create the content variations you want to try out on your pages, such as showing some portions of your page to some visitors and hiding them for other visitors. You can also do things like change headline text, swap images, insert new content, redirect some visitors to alternate landing pages, and so on.
  • Set up reward triggers for your conversion events, so Conductrics can learn and report on which variations work best for which visitors. 
  • Target the variations to certain visitors based on geography, time, or your own custom data by setting up Content Targeting Rules. 

If you want to try Web Actions out for yourself, get access by signing up at and check out how it works on your own pages. Thanks for watching!


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